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ONE] Keep your posts reasonably on topic. That doesn't mean they all have to be serious and grimdark--crack, perverted smut, and morbid humor are all permitted--but they should relate to cosmic horror as a genre, specifically that pioneered by H.P. Lovecraft. See here for a (partial!) list of Lovecraftian concepts and works and creators influenced by his variety of horror.
TWO] There will be disturbing things here. Please be prepared for dark themes (such as death, injury, trauma, and also the apocalypse and the ensuing bleak and meaningless long dark night of reality) when you roleplay in this community. You will not be required to warn specifically for that kind of disturbing material; it should be taken as a given that it may occur here. However, posts expected to contain sexual content of any kind must be clearly labeled with the relevant warnings. So should threads that veer in that direction in posts that are not themselves so labeled.
THREE] Don't drag inappropriate real-world subjects into roleplay here. I know I just said that there'll be disturbing stuff here, but that's not what I mean this time. I'm talking about using real-world disasters or other tragic events as springboards for roleplay (I don't care if you think it's clever to make a post about how a recent tsunami uncovered R'lyeh; it really isn't), using your characters to comment on sensitive details about your or anyone else's personal life, and things like that.
FOUR] If you're under the age of eighteen, stay out of smut posts and threads. This is obviously on the honor system, but it'd be nice if people followed it.
FIVE] Play nice with the rest of the class, and don't be a dick. Your characters may or may not be stuck in a world full of horrorterrors attempting to consume their souls, but you are all people with feelings who do not need to live on pain and misery (I hope). Flaming, harassment, gross insensitivity, and general OOC antagonism are not permitted.


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